Secret Squirrel: Black Friday Discount Codes!

So this Friday (28th November) is Black Friday! If you don't know (and how could you not?!) it's regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and the weekend that follows it, is the biggest shopping day of the year! Why do I care you ask? Well because lots of the big retailers offer promotional sales and discounts to kick off the shopping season. Since I'm in the know about these things I thought I'd share a few fashion discount codes and offers (going live this Friday), that will save you a packet on your Xmas shopping...
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I'm not actually doing a Xmas shop myself this year... I'm trying to resist the temptation because I'm saving for a mortgage... so shop for me won't you!


The Wrinkles of the City - La Havana

I'm on a quest at the moment, looking for new things to read, watch and do; to inspire and inject creativity in my right brain (which hasn't been nourished as much as I'd like recently).

Tonight I came across a short film/documentary that did just that: The Wrinkles of the City - La Havana. The documentary is about two artists (JR and José Parlá) who collaborate on a photography and street art project for the Havana Biennale.

The Havana Biennale is an Art Exhibition that takes place in Havana every two years, with the aim of promoting the Third World contemporary art. The Biennale is considered a really important forum for underrepresented voices, and artists from all over the world submit their works, although Latin American and Caribbean artists have priority.

In the film JR and José conduct a series of interviews and portrait photographs, 25 in total, with randomly selected senior citizens who lived through the Cuban revolution. The subjects' portraits are then blown-up, pasted on the deteriorated walls of Cuban buildings and interlaced with palimpsestic calligraphic writing, offering commentary on the live's of their subjects.

These huge mural installations are right up my street, as I've always been a fan of taking art away from paper and I worked in a similar way during my Fine Art A Level. The portraits are stunning and it's refreshing to see everyday people celebrated this way and in such a large scale. I defy you to say these people aren't beautiful.

The film is 30 minutes long, but don't let that deter you from watching it. Grab yourself a cuppa, turn off the mind-numbing TV programmes you usually watch, and let yourself be transported overseas to another world. A world where there's no advertising on the streets and mesmerising Cuban music echos everywhere...

And if you like what you've seen, there are more 'Wrinkles of the City' projects in LA, Shaghai, Berlin and Cartagena to be seen, as well as other projects such as 'Face to Face, Israel & Palestine' over on JR's website:

Buenas noches!


Cameron's Conference Rap by Cassetteboy

To follow on from my recent post: A message for David Cameron & his marketing team and because of my new found interest in politics, I thought I'd share a brilliant video I came across at work today.

'Cameron's Conference Rap' is by the mashup king Cassetteboy and was created as a way to thank Cameron for making parody videos exempt from copyright laws at the start of this month.

Cassetteboy has done a grand job on Cameron, rearranging and stitching together his party conference speeches, to highlight the many reasons why it's time to get this party out. And to one of my favourite raps from my school-days: Eminem - Lose Yourself.

The video is not only creatively brilliant but it also supports my views on the conservative party. I've taken the time to note down the lyrics, so have a read - it's easy to miss the gems in the video.

Thank you... Thank you...
We've been recording a music video and it goes like this...

I'm hardcore and I know the score, and I am disgusted by the poor, and my chums matter more, because we are the law and I've made sure we ready for class war.

Taking money from the man who works long hours, giving power to the tycoon in the glass towers. That is why I can look you in the eye and say this is the party of the mother f****s, we don't care about the mother suckers because this is the party of the mother f*****s, and no, I don't think that's a dirty word.

So let the beat drop...

I come here with flows right from the top, everybody knows if you work in a shop we won't help you and you know what people rising from the bottom to the top, has got to stop. We have the bravery to bring back slavery, working in a supermarket is just the start of it.

My friends there is no job at the end of it. You'll be working for your benefits forever.
Let me get this off my chest, saying yes we are selling the NHS, and we'll give you less and that's just for starters, even after privatising sticking plasters, it is a social disaster that makes own heart beat faster.

Now I am your master, the last thing this country needs, is us the conservatives, worst than the alternative. We don't care if you're driven to despair don't you dare, say it's not fair. 

I'm not saying it's not funny, it is for me, I've got loads of money. This is the party of the mother f*****s, the country is run for me and my mothers. This is the party of the party of the mother f******s. We just don't care about the mother suckers.



Time to refocus and aim... Dream Home coming right up!

I'm trying REALLY hard to save and keep to a seriously tight budget, with the aim of getting a deposit for my own home together. But sometimes it feels like an impossible task and I just want to give up and go for a nice dinner or buy some new clothes!

I had a bad month last month. I'd saved hard in September and then October payday came and I got excited at the idea of having money again and blew a big chunk of my disposable income over a weekend.

The big mistake I made was to stop writing down everything I spent (a new trick I learnt from Allen Car's book: Get Out of Debt Now: The Easy Way). When I stopped writing down my spending it enabled me almost forget I was spending real money - bad move! I avoided thinking about how much everything was going to add up to and just went ahead and splurged.

But then afterwards, I kicked myself when I worked out what I'd spent over a weekend. I'd being doing so well and one moment of weakness had cost me. It also meant I really had to pull my belt in the rest of the month, which meant no money for socialising what-so-ever. DULL.

Anyway I'm back on the wagon now and thankfully payday is just round the corner again. In preparation for the big drop (in my bank) I'm taking some time to refocus on why I'm saving and remind myself:

What I want in the short-term isn't worth what I can have in the long term!

I'm planning to buy a studio or 1 bedroom flat with the government's 'help to buy scheme', and I've started looking at decor ideas to help keep me motivated! I really enjoyed doing this today and when I reach my goal it'll all be SO worth it because I'll be able to put my own creative stamp on the place. Because my place is likely to be itsy-bitsy it's going to require some very clever storage solutions! Luckily I've found loads of great ideas through Pinterest, take a look:

10 great space-saving ideas:

  1. Fold-out kitchen table
  2. Muslin curtain veils to separate bedroom from living space
  3. Raised platform for a bed (and underneath storage drawers)
  4. Lift-able kitchen work-tops (beneath which a sink and hob are neatly hidden)
  5. Spiral staircase up to a mezzanine sleeping area
  6. Sliding cavity door to a bathroom
  7. Decorative/glass wall partition (to create the allusion of space and allow more light)
  8. Double up a bookcase as a wall divider (nice cheap alternative to glass wall partitions)
  9. Hang clothing on a rail, instead of buying a closet (this will work best if clothes are pretty and colourful!
  10. Breakfast bar that doubles as a work-top in a kitchen


Motivational Mondays: The Magic Of Beginnings

And suddenly you know it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings
Image Credit:

Over the weekend I came across a quote on the the free people blog that really resonated with me:

"And suddenly you know it's time to start something new and trust the magic
of beginnings..."

I'm going to be moving home again soon (this will be my 7th move in 2 years) and although it's another upheaval I'd rather avoid, I know it needs to happen. In the long run the change will be the right thing. I feel unsettled and anxious about what the future holds but I also know that I have to trust that this (and all the other challenges that have been thrown at me in the last couple of years) are pushing me towards something that's right for me.

I've always looked at the tough times in my life as being a pain and something that gets in the way of my happiness, however I'm starting to see things differently. Tough times are a part of life and we can't avoid them. Although difficult at the time, they also bring about changes that we would of never ordinarily made.

So Happy Monday positive people - embrace and trust in life!