Motivational Mondays: The Magic Of Beginnings

And suddenly you know it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings
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Over the weekend I came across a quote on the the free people blog that really resonated with me:

"And suddenly you know it's time to start something new and trust the magic
of beginnings..."

I'm going to be moving home again soon (this will be my 7th move in 2 years) and although it's another upheaval I'd rather avoid, I know it needs to happen. In the long run the change will be the right thing. I feel unsettled and anxious about what the future holds but I also know that I have to trust that this (and all the other challenges that have been thrown at me in the last couple of years) are pushing me towards something that's right for me.

I've always looked at the tough times in my life as being a pain and something that gets in the way of my happiness, however I'm starting to see things differently. Tough times are a part of life and we can't avoid them. Although difficult at the time, they also bring about changes that we would of never ordinarily made.

So Happy Monday positive people - embrace and trust in life!


A message for David Cameron & his marketing team

Today I noticed that the Conservative marketing team was audience targeting me on Facebook with its xenophobic propaganda (disguised as a market research survey).  Probably because I keep posting negative comments about the Torys...

I wasn't impressed. See what I mean:

Since Mr Cameron is so interested in hearing my opinion, I'll tell him some things I strongly disagree with:

1- MPs getting a 9% pay increase (because they can no longer fiddle their expenses).

Our MPs should be leading by example and showing solidarity with the rest of us, many of whom have seen a drop in our living standards.

Read more about this here:

2- Tax avoidance
The wealthy avoiding paying tax and moving their profits off-shore – and the government smoke-screening these wrongdoings (because they have vested interest in some of these businesses) by focusing on the ‘massive benefit fraud’. For those of you that don't know 'for every £1 swallowed up by benefit fraud, £4 disappears because of people like Gary Barlow'.

Read more about this here:

3- Zero-hour contracts
At least 250,000 people in Britain (and possibly over 1 million!) are being exploited on zero-hour contracts (forcing us to top-up wages with low income support, so that people have a liveable wage). Question? *Destiny's Child style* Why are we supporting these businesses making billions of £££s profit that they then take out of the country & keep it at the top of the organisation?).

Supporting research here:

4- Privatisation of public services
Fat-cat directors, with no idea what's needed to run an organisation effectively cutting budgets, so that hardworking nurses, midwifes and probation officers are expected to do the job of three people without well needed breaks.

Want to know why privatisation is bad, read more about it here:

I could go on... but then I'd be ranting.

Get The Look: Jourdan Dunn // TTYA x Long Tall Sally

TTYA x Long Tall Sally

TTYA x Long Tall Sally

TTYA x Long Tall Sally

TTYA x Long Tall Sally

TTYA x Long Tall Sally

TTYA x Long Tall Sally

Black Trilby Hat / £20 / River Island
Black & Stripe Wrap Shirt / £50 / TTYA x Long Tall Sally
Black Leather Look Trousers / £55 / TTYA x Long Tall Sally
Black Leather Jacket / £100 / River Island
Black Suede Court Shoes / £45 / M&S

The lovely people at Long Tall Sally sent me a very exciting package last week! Two samples from their newly launched collection: LTS x Long Tall Sally. As I mentioned in my previous post, LTS x Long Tall Sally is a new fashion-forward range, specifically for ladies that are 5ft8 and over  - so perfect for me at 5ft11!

Alice at Long Tall Sally sent me a striking black and white striped shirt (that last week the supermodel Jourdan Dunn wore to London Fashion Week!), and a cool pair of black leather look trousers. Both of these items I TOTALLY LOVE.

I'm normally fairly conservative with the style of clothes I buy and don't go for crazy patterns, but seeing the shirt on Jourdan Dunn I was totally sold! This is the perfect desk to disco outfit... smart enough to wear to the office and when a trilby is donned, it becomes a sassy enough for a night on the tiles!

In terms of the fit, the shirt is perfect, sleeves actually come right down to wrists and there's a conveniently placed popper on the bust, preventing any unexpected flashes!

The trousers have quite a high-waistline, which again is good and prevents the dreaded mushroom tops.... I normally wear a size 10 trouser and this size fits me comfortably, but it you're after the super skin-tight look I'd recommend going down a size in these trousers. They are super skinny round the ankles but there are invisible zips on the inside leg to help you slip in easily! (TTYA x LTS you think of everything!)

If like me you're all over this, head over to: to browse the rest of the collection (before the limited stock goes!)


TTYA x LTS "The Coolest Fashion Range Ever For Tall Girls!"

There's big news for tall girls everywhere today...

TTYA x Long Tally Sally has launched!

What? I hear you say...

TTYA x LTS is a seriously EXCITING collaboration between Long Tally Sally, the leading global fashion brand for tall women, and Taller Than Your Average (TTYA), a specialist British apparel brand from London-based fashion stylist, Irene Agbontaen.

The limited-edition, 18-piece, capsule collection has been designed specifically for women that are 5'8" and taller and is the first collaboration for Long Tall Sally.

Trend-inspired and fashion-forward, the new range is aimed at a young and fashion conscience audience - and it delivers!

Supermodel Jourdan Dunn was pictured at London Fashion Week last week wearing a bold striped blouse from the collection, and Glamour Magazine is calling it “the coolest fashion range EVER for tall girls”.

I'll be receiving some samples in the post any day now myself and will share how I've styled them shortly. Until then, here are some photos of the collection which is modelled by Irene's close friend, Jamie Gunns. God isn't she stunning!

So what are you waiting for... it's available to buy online now: be quick... as it's sure to go fast!

*Disclosure this post is in collaboration with Long Tall Sally, however all opinions are my own.

#100happydays - Positive Vibes Only Please!

Last year I spent a year struggling with depression. At my worst I would sit inside on the sunniest day of the year and cry in my bed. I couldn't talk about the extent of my depression because I felt stupid for feeling the way I did. Literally nothing could cheer me up.

Thankfully, I ended up going to see a counsellor about it. Part of my problem was going into a negative thought pattern about myself, which I couldn't pull myself out of. It was a bad habit that formed that I didn't know how to break.

One of the ways I learnt to deal with the depression was to remember the things that made me happy and I enjoyed doing and set myself a goal of doing one of these things each week. My counsellor would set me tasks such as: organise a night out with a single friend or signup for a cookery class. Each time I did a small thing like this it made me a little bit happier and I slowly felt more in control of my feelings and not powerless to the depression. In the end I had built up my confidence so much that I booked a flight to Thailand and went travelling for a month on my own (you can read all about those travels here).

Now I'm sure lots of people may think it's odd to tell the world about this and it's something that should be private, but that's what's wrong with the world in my opinion! Every day millions of people are walking around hiding their true feelings and in fact who they really are. It's only when you fall in love that people generally share the 'real them' warts and all! And even then lots of people still don't! How sad is it to think there could be just one person in the whole world you can truly, truly, be yourself with. Maybe that's why so many people are searching for 'the one'?

Well that's no good. You have to be happy in yourself before you can think about anyone else!

Anyway, thankfully the depression was as a result of a series of things and not anything clinical, so now I have the tools to cope with the difficult times that will inevitably come again someday. I also know that I have to trust my instincts and not allow other peoples opinions to influence me. We are all wonderfully unique and that's what is amazing about humans and makes us interesting. We don't all need to be the same and we don't all need to agree!

I'd like to end this post on a positive note so I'm going to talk about 100happydays. If you haven't about it already, it's a craze that's swept social media recently. In essence it's a campaign to encourage people to slow down, appreciate life, be more present and as a result be more happy! I think it's a brilliant way to help people struggling to find the light in their life. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a blog to complete the challenge, all you need to do is share an image of something that's made you happy today and tag it #100happydays. In doing so you'll notice you start to look for positives in your life instead of the negatives!

So here's my happy photo for the day, this is the halfway point on the bike ride I went on with my Nan on my day off. It was 16 mile ride from Hove to Saltdean and back! A year ago I would never of envisaged my Nan could do it, she's had two hips replaced and a serious bout of E coli that nearly killed her! However she's a lucky lady and I'm glad to say she's on the mend now and getting back to her vivacious self :)